Lately, the weather has seemed to be having worse mood swings than any hormonal preteen I’ve ever met.  Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind on whether she wants to give us a true winter or keep the temperatures warm, and it’s driving Stags crazy.

You have no idea what to wear. On Tuesday it was cloudy with a high of 23 degrees and today it’s sunny and 55.

Carrying around extra clothes is just inconvenient. The time of day dictates how many layers you want to wear because it’s frigid in the morning, but then warmer in the afternoon.

Whenever it rains, the turkey population seems to double. They’re loud and annoying, not to mention scary when they chase you on the way to class.

Looking at the week’s forecast, you’re hoping for at least one snow day. Of course, it just rains all week even though three days ago there was promise of a blizzard.

Not to mention that when it does snow, it’s never enough to cancel classes. Meaning that we have to trek through the flurries to Barone if we want anything to eat.

Also, it melts almost immediately. The next day, the temperature has risen almost 20 degrees and the pretty white landscape has turned into ugly, gray slush.

Do you get hot or iced coffee at Einstein’s? So much social anxiety.

The frustration that comes along with the flip-flopping weather spreads like wildfire. Meaning that no one is in a good mood.

The occasional really warm day is a bittersweet taste of spring to come. Then it gets dark by 4:30 p.m. and you’re back to being sad.

The constantly changing weather depletes everyone’s immune systems. In college, when one person gets sick, everybody gets sick.

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