From the beginning of Spooktober to the holiday itself, the fall fun that surrounds Halloween proves to be the most wonderful time of the year.

The change in weather. Time to break out our flannels and Timberlands because the days of insane heat are finally gone.

It’s finally Mallomar season. Debatably, the world’s best cookies are back on store shelves at last.  

Going apple and pumpkin picking. Also known as “going just to take pictures for an Instagram post, with an inevitably corny caption.”

When television stations play throwback Halloween movies. Nothing is better than cuddling up with some candy and watching the “Halloweentown” series or “Hocus Pocus.”

Going to haunted houses or mazes. 

Picking a costume. Multiple trips to Party City later, you and your roommates have planned a completely original group costume that you’re sure no one has ever thought of before.

Getting to see other people’s costumes. How many Donald Trumps and cats will you see this year?

Going ghosting. Even though we are mature young adults, mixing the classic “Ding Dong Ditch” with bags of treats is equally as hilarious and entertaining now as it was when you were in elementary school.

The insane sales on all kinds of candy. You can easily walk out of CVS with multiple pounds of candy, having spent no more than $10.

Having an excuse to play pranks on your roommates. It’s not called trick-or-treat for nothing.

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