Year: Senior

Majors: Finance

Fun fact: I am a huge New York Mets fan and never miss a game on TV.

Where are you from: Queens, NY

Favorite sports team: New York Mets

Coffee order: Caramel iced coffee with cream

Favorite quote: “It’s not how hard you fall, but how fast you get up.”

Favorite movie: The Dark Knight

Pet peeves: Not saying thank you when I hold open the door for you.

What is your favorite role that you have on campus? Explain.

My favorite role that I have on campus is being a supervisor for intramural sports. I get to interact with other students while also watching sports, which is extremely fun.

Talk about how you became a supervisor for intramural sports?

I started off as a stat-keeper sophomore year and gradually made my way up. It’s been a pleasure to work for the intramural program and I’ve had a blast.

What is it like having a job on campus? What are the upsides? The downsides?

Having a job on campus is amazing. The travel is minimal and like I previously said, interacting with other students is great. The downsides revolve around how a lot of students do not value the intramural program enough, as it is a great way to meet new people while also getting some exercise in.

What is the funniest memory that you have or story that you have heard at Fairfield?

My funniest memory would have to be my first class at Fairfield. It was at Dolan House, which I had assumed meant [Dolan School of Business]. After running around campus for like 15 minutes, I finally found the classroom. I pictured the class to be like 100 people, like what you see in the movies. So, I ran straight in — sweaty, red in the face and panting from that run — and realized the class was only five people, all of who stopped and stared at me like I had six heads. Of course, there were no seats open, so I had to make another spectacle of myself trying to find a chair from another room. I guess you could say at least I made an impression when I first got to Fairfield.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

My favorite Christmas tradition is putting up the Christmas tree with my family. We always make sure we are all together when we do it while playing Christmas music.Which is the best University housing to live in?

I currently live in Mahan and it is fantastic! The floors are brand new and it’s always so quiet and relaxing.

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