Peter Caty/The Mirror

Peter Caty/The Mirror

College provides four great years to party and hang out before the “real” world approaches. One of the best parts of college is just chilling with your boys and all the shenanigans that come with it. There’s an old expression that states: “A good friend will bail you out of jail, while your best friend will be sitting next to you.”

I agree with that statement; however, in college you don’t just have one best friend; you got your boys. This makes the odds of your girlfriend bailing you out because you and your five boys are all in jail much more likely.

The great thing about hanging with the boys is it truly does not matter what you’re doing. You could either be flipping through the channels for hours trying to find a show to watch or going to YouTube and watching Mike Tyson’s greatest moments while repeating quote, “You’re gonna get Kevin killed.”

The sky’s the limit for your options to screw around with. I can’t count the times that my boys and I have spent laying around the living room, drinking brews, watching football, and talking about who’s next on the radar. And don’t forget about smack talking each other about your fantasy football team every week. Hey Bob, stop trying to say your team’s good, they suck and I hope you enjoy your current four-game losing streak.

Another thing is the odds of playing video games and having a chew while chilling with a girl are as great as the Jets making the playoffs. My friends and I would waste hours playing a four-some on Tiger Woods ‘06 for the regular Xbox freshmen year. However, when you hang with girls, you can’t be your loud, vulgar self and honestly, we are a lot more fun when we are. Most guys would rather be the town drunk than the choir boy.

Also, who do you think is going to make up your intramural squad for the various sports offered during the year? The answer is your buds.

By the way, we have a number of sports for the winter, so go out and sign your team up. The more teams equals more opportunities for me to work. The Grape has been killing my wallet so I think you know what I’m getting at. Alright I got to go, Maki’s about to get an @ss-kicking in NHL.

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