Thanksgiving break was only a tease for the winter break that is to come. And with five additional pounds sitting in my stomach, only one thing separates me from going home and gaining more weight from eating the best pizza on earth—finals week.

Some people are afraid of scary movies, some of heights and some of snakes. For me, it’s finals. Just looking at the syllabi filled with the times and dates my papers are due and my tests are makes me want to hide under a rug. And I mean a big rug, so it’d be hard to find me.

We all work so diligently throughout the whole year, hoping that we learn all we need to know for our finals, but that’s never the case. Sometimes, it feels as if the kid that never showed up to your biology class knows more than you, and you just want to stab your eyes with a mechanical pencil.

One thing I actually enjoy about finals week is going to the library. It’s funny to see the people that have never been to the library before and watch them make fools out of themselves. Obviously you don’t need to rent out a co-laboratory. Should have paid attention in the library information session we all went to about three times. Get with the program.

It’s great to see the amount of studying and work that people do in the library, because it’s usually miniscule. Out of four hours spent in the library, about one hour is spent actually paying attention to the work you have to do. The rest is spent on Facebook, Twitter, texting, or complaining about the amount of work you have to do.

I really want to pull an all-nighter in the library one night during finals week and not do any work. It’d be fun just to have a huge sleepover in Club DiMenna. Bring your sleeping bags and sappy romantic comedy movies! But I doubt that’s ever going to happen. Everyone’s too busy pretending to get their work done.

It’s not even finals week yet, and I’m so ready to just pack up all of my clothes in my dorm room and head back home. I wish there was some way to avoid this inevitable 200-pound weight that is going to be placed on my back until I finish all my papers and take all my tests.

To the freshman at Fairfield: be prepared. Finals week brings out a new breed of students. The line at Jazzman’s is going to be tremendous. People in the library are going to be scary. My advice? Remember that rug I was talking about? Invest in one. And hide until your parents pick you up to go home. Survival of the fittest: good luck in the battlefield that is finals week.

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