Being a freshman guy has more cons then pros when dealing with the world of college.  Here, I was going from ‘Big Man on Campus’ back at my small town high school in Massachusetts, to a lowly frosh shoved into a small, cell-like room with some strange kid who loves hot sauce and could, for all I know, possibly be a serial killer.  I lucked out big time—unlike the major percentage of freshmen last year, my forced-triple roommate just never showed up.  Most of last year’s freshmen suffered in cramped accommodations with forced triples being the norm.  Fact; forced triples suck (but now thanks to the construction of new dorms, freshmen won’t have to deal with them anymore.)

Oh, the joys of college at first were amazing.  Eating as much of Barone’s pizza and soda at every meal is wonderful until the day you wake up and realize that you’ve become a fat mess.  Hello Freshman Fifteen.  Well, in my case I ended up losing 10 pounds, much to the dismay of those who packed on the usual 15.  First semester I ate pizza at every single meal.  Now I can’t even look at it without being disgusted.  Not to mention having my entire digestive system shocked into cooperation with the sometimes questionable cuisine.  Another thing, I hate not having my car; I miss having the freedom to go where ever I want anytime and not be restricted by the half-hour Fairfield shuttle.  I know this is normal in a lot of places, but being a freshman and not having a car is awful.  God, I would have done anything for a Crunch Wrap while studying for my accounting midterms.

Escaping the judging, piercing gaze of my parents is certainly a pro, as is the sudden abundance of alcohol almost everywhere I look.  Suddenly it’s like discovering a new world, where arriving hammered to a school sponsored event is almost expected by the people who are running it.  (Shout out to Class of 2014 drunken laser tag.)  First semester for me was filled with blackouts, pre-gaming events in Regis Hall, and drinking until my face fell off.  Not to mention running around Regis terrorizing my RA with a wooden spoon, demanding he have more ‘pancake themed events’ to promote floor spirit.  Townhouses are a blast too, if you’re lucky enough to get in.

Huzzah for the freshmen guys who go absolutely nuts once they get to college.  I enjoyed watching most girls’ floors get off scot-free with only a few fines while the boys sides experience upwards of $500 of damages.  It’s like once the alcohol starts flowing a freshman male’s masculinity is suddenly threatened by that stall door that’s looking at him the wrong way.  BOOM- door is on the floor.  Crisis averted.  High-fives all around.

All in all, freshman year isn’t that bad.  Being the low man on the totem pole is part of the growing process.  If having to put up with wanna-be frat boys putting holes in doors, and classes like the Freshman Learning Experience then I’m pretty sure all you incoming students can handle being a freshman.  Remember, be safe this year and always demand pancake and taco themed events.  Especially tacos.  I love tacos.

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