Has anyone noticed how green the grass is here at Fairfield? Thanks to the sprinklers, and our landscaping, this is one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve ever seen. Some may argue that this landscaping is too expensive and that we pay far more than we should, but isn’t the campus what attracted you to come to Fairfield? I believe that Fairfield’s campus is a wonderful opportunity to increase admissions.

Our 200 acres of land are kept neat and clean at all times. Not only does this provide for a great photo opportunity, but it also attracts more students. I know that as I looked at colleges, Fairfield was always near the top of the list because of the scenic campus. The view of the Long Island Sound, the statue of Lucas the Stag and the greenest grass in Connecticut are what make up this picturesque campus. Since we are going to call this place home for the next four years, we must treat it like our home. This means we should keep it clean and presentable.

During those weeks where it’s too hot to sit in the dorms, such as the first few weeks of school this year, you can see students scattered throughout the campus. Students will tan in the Quad or sit on a bench and study. Students will also partake in games such as Frisbee and have a catch with one another. During the first few days of freshman year, the Quad was packed with students every night. It was a central location for socializing. Thanks to the landscapers, the Quad is the perfect place to gather.

The athletic fields are also an asset to our beautiful campus. If it wasn’t for the landscapers, these fields would not be maintained and would not be eligible for athletes to play on. Our soccer, rugby, field hockey and baseball fields all need maintenance. Without these fields, our teams would not be able to play at home and that would affect our school spirit. Going to games with friends and cheering on your school is the best way for our school to bond as a community.

Next time you see the landscapers, give them a friendly smile. They improve the way our home looks. The money we spend on paying them has definitely been put to good use.


By Josue Jorge

Imagine this: You are the camp counselor at a summer program for high schoolers facilitated here on campus and everything is going excellent. Programs are engaging, meals are catered and the nights are cool, transforming a non-air-conditioned dorm into an easy, breezy living space. What more can you ask for, right? Well, to my surprise (yes, this is a personal experience I am drawing from), one of the kindest residents in this summer program received a little more than what she paid for when sprayed directly in the face by a sprinkler from outside while laying safe in her dorm.

That is just one example of the many times people have to unnecessarily dodge the sporadic and merciless sprinklers here on campus. Though getting attacked by the sprinklers while inside is frustrating, it is most annoying to watch them distribute water equally across the grass and walkways while it simultaneously rains. That’s right, while people around the world suffer from droughts or an inadequate source of clean water, the sprinklers often work relentlessly through the rain here in Stag country.

The use of sprinklers on rainy days is useless. To have tuition at almost $60,000 and waste water on the landscaping during a rainstorm is ridiculous. It doesn’t go unnoticed by students and is really frustrating to many on campus.

The system is not completely brainless though. Although it can’t tell when it’s raining, it can pinpoint in real-time the exact moment you are going to pass one of its sprinkler nozzles and sprays you accordingly. One possible solution would be to invest in sprinklers smart enough to know when it’s raining and when someone is passing.

With all the crazy inventions out there, something as useful as that must already be patented and if it’s not, I shall find an engineering major, have them invent it and sprinkle money across the Quad. I mean that’s what the sprinklers are doing anyway, right? It is not at all cost-effective to have this system running so often and it is equally annoying to have it running haphazardly. Don’t get me wrong; the green and healthy grass is better looking than the alternative, but the current sprinkler system is unmistakably working harder, not smarter.




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