The long, long wait for spring is almost over Stags, and it all starts with spring break. Before you head off to those sandy beaches and other island getaways, here are some of tips for what to take home with you and what to bring back for the warm weather to come.

Erin’s Advice:

Spring break is right around the corner and there are plenty of things to throw in your suitcase before you head home for a week. It is important to pack strategically, though. The colder months are slowly fading away, while the warmer months are returning (hopefully). Some things to take home can include all those hats and gloves. I usually bring home all of my jackets as well, with the exception of one coat. You never know what that last week of March is going to be like. In addition to the obvious winter clothes, take home those pairs of pants that you haven’t worn all year. That goes for all of the clothes that you just stare at and never put on. Bringing these items home early will make move out so much easier in a few months.

Finally, don’t forget to bring some of those snow boots home. Whether they are Uggs, Bean Boots or Hunter rain boots, be optimistic about the warmer weather and take them home! Most importantly, if you are going somewhere warm and sunny for spring break do not forget the appropriate clothing. I went to Florida sophomore year and let’s just say, jeans and long sleeve shirts don’t mix well with the humidity down south.

Returning to the Field: Brynne’s Suggestions

Even though we are still in the midst of the cold winter, warm weather will soon be on it’s way. You simply can’t think that you are going to be going out to brunch mid to late April in a sweater and jeans when the weather is in the upper 60’s. You’ll look ridiculous. To avoid massive humiliation, be sure to bring pack some of your best sundresses, skirts and sandals. Boys, I didn’t forget about you. You can bring your sun dresses too. However, if you don’t want to make that bold of a statement, you can pack some Chubbies, t-shirts and your favorite pair of Vans or Boat shoes.

Fun clothing isn’t the only benefit of the warm weather to come. You’ll finally have the opportunity to get out of your dorm room, apartment or house and make your way to the quad or day trip it to the beach. Keeping that in mind, you might want to think about bringing back some popular warm weather games like Kan Jam, Cornhole, Bean Bags or just keep it simple with a wiffle ball and bat. They will make any warm weather weekend way more fun.

Finally, you might not think that you need it now, but a fan will definitely come in handy toward the end of April and into May. It may all just be wishful thinking, but seeing how winter was for the most part pretty tame, I would expect the spring to give us some pretty great weather! Might as well be prepared!

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