What was your major/ minor?

A: Major in communications with a focus on media studies, minors in journalism and philosophy.

Where did you live all four years?

A: Regis freshman year, Campion sophomore year, Claver junior year as an RA, townhouse 111 senior year.

What were all of your roles on The Mirror?

A: Writer sophomore year, assistant news editor junior year, editor-in-chief senior year.

What was the most controversial story you published as editor-in-chief?

A: We took a hard line against former Arthur Andersen CEO Joe Berardino’s presence on the board of trustees amid a major accounting scandal at his firm. The story wasn’t well-received by the administration, to say the least, but we were supported by many faculty members. I’m still proud of our coverage.

What was your favorite/least favorite parts of being editor in chief?

A: I’d be lying if I didn’t say breaking in an office in the new Barone Campus Center, for one. And there was nothing like the feeling, especially in the print-focused days, of waiting to publish a story until Thursday and knowing you made an impact when your classmates and professors mentioned it.

On a more personal note, three of my closest friends to this day are also Mirror alums. So those who argue about coverage at the Athena Diner until the early hours of the morning stick together, I suppose.

How did your time at The Mirror prepare you for your future career?

A: The Mirror’s adviser at the time was Dr. James Simon, who was a true mentor in that he would make you want to run through a wall to break a story and fire you up to speak truth to power. When I made it to the real world, I was ready to work with and for that kind of colleague, to take risks, and to keep asking questions.

What is your favorite memory of Fairfield?

A: It’s actually Mirror-related. Sitting (nervously) in my room my junior year and getting the call from then-editor-in-chief Paul Pennelli that I’d be the next editor. Right, and the beach.

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