What was your major / minor?

A: Major: Politics, Minor: Journalism

Where did you live all four years?

A: Regis, Jogues, Townhouse 125 and the beach. I lived on the road behind The Grape.

What were all of your roles on The Mirror?

A: Staff Photographer, Photo Editor and Editor-in-Chief

What was the most controversial story you published as editor-in-chief?

A: One of our editors spent the night on the street for a story he wrote about being homeless.

What was your favorite/least favorite parts of being editor in chief?

A: The staff. I was lucky that many of my good friends also worked for The Mirror. The worst part was balancing school and being the Editor-in-Chief.

How did your time at The Mirror prepare you for your future career?

A: During my four years at The Mirror, I photographed everything. I was really the only full-time staff photographer and that experience developed the base for the skills I use today as a professional photographer and cinematographer.

What is your favorite memory of Fairfield? Favorite Clam Jam memory?

A: My favorite Fairfield memory was my entire year living at the beach. My best Clam Jam memory was being invited as a sophomore by some older Mirror staff members.


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