It’s finally the end of the semester, and classes are winding down, marked by projects and research papers with seemingly no end in sight. As we walk into our last meeting before the final exam and say goodbye to our professors and classmates, we go through a cycle of bittersweet, and oftentimes confused, emotions.

Where did the semester go? Wasn’t syllabus week just yesterday?

I wonder what I need on the final to maintain my same grade. Then, spends the entire class calculating just that.

Wow, I am not going to miss the sprint from Dolan School of Business to Canisius every Monday morning. Even with 15 minutes between classes, you always managed to walk in especially winded and dripping with sweat.

How is it fair that my night class has an 8 a.m. final? I obviously took later classes for a reason.

The daunting thought of final exams is totally ruining my holiday spirit.

Phew, I never have to worry about being put on the spot by this professor to answer a question that I don’t know ever again. Though, by now you have perfected the facial expression that shows you are interested in your notes, allowing you to dodge their wandering gaze.

Even though this is my last day of class, I still can’t leave for another eight days. Because that makes sense.

I probably should have read my paper over more than once. As you hand in your final paper and project, you realize that perhaps you procrastinated a bit too much this time.

This final exam review has just confused me more. Probably should have taken more notes this semester.

It’s finally over. Thank goodness.

Well, here goes nothing. Can’t wait to spend the next week in the library, stressed over exams. We’re fine, it’s fine, everything is fine.

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