Under the stadium lights of Lessing Field at the Saturday, Sept. 22 Fairfield University Men’s Soccer game, a quiet went over the crowd as the halftime buzzer went off and the players left for the locker room. The silence was due to the long-awaited reveal of who would be performing at this year’s Red Sea Madness concert event.

A video clip began to play over the jumbotron. Clips from the past two years began to play, showcasing 2016 guest Lil’ Dicky and 2017’s T-Pain as they performed at Alumni Hall. Finally, the impending announcement was made and a mixture of excited gasps and confusion filled the air, DNCE would be the 2018 concert performer.

“I was expecting something a little more exciting. I don’t listen to DNCE,” said Yann Konan ’20.

The Mirror took a poll on Facebook in which 22 people responded and 68% said they are “excited!” However, 32% of respondents replied with “No.”

DNCE is well-known for hits such as “Cake by the Ocean” and “Kissing Strangers” as well as for having Joe Jonas as their lead singer. Jonas, who started the band in 2015, is well-known, mainly for his part in the band the Jonas Brothers early on in his music career.

Sophomore Abby McCarthy had one prerequisite for DNCE: “If they don’t play ‘Year 3000,’ I’m going to be really upset.”

The motivation of students to see DNCE is unclear. Many seem more excited to fulfill their pre-teen dream of seeing Joe Jonas rather than hear the band itself.

DNCE is a genre change after the previous two performers being rap artists.

The Fairfield University Student Association, which puts on the event, was aware of this pattern. Director of the programming board, Olivia McEvoy ‘19, explained “FUSA wanted a new and refreshing take on the fall concert, as we have tended to have the same kinds of artists for the last couple of years. We knew we wanted to go in a more pop direction, and had heard really great things about DNCE performing at other schools and that they put on a phenomenal show.”

Senior Lina Foncello said that she was she happy about the change, “It’s nice to switch up the genre after the past two years.” Then, in response to the question of whether she thinks DNCE will be better than T-Pain she gave a resounding, “Yes for sure.”

The pop band is set to perform on Friday, Oct. 12. However, the Red Sea ticket price has increased from last year. This year students must pay $45 in order to gain entry to Alumni Hall for the event. Last year, tickets were on sale for $40 for students. Both of these prices are much higher compared to the $25 students paid for Lil’ Dicky in 2016.

McEvoy related the ticket price to the notoriety of an artist, “In terms of pricing, that is something that is factored as a result of who the artist is.”  

Similar to previous years, there will be food trucks such as Colony Grill, Super Duper Weenie and Garden Catering.


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