In the next two weeks, discussions will take place centering around the reassessment of and possible changes to the University academic calendar.

The issue was brought to students’ attention at the FUSA Senate meeting this past Sunday night.

According to Mary Frances Malone, the University associate academic vice president as well as the FUSA faculty advisor for commencement, discussion is focusing on three major issues of concern. The issues are three reading days for students, enough time between fall and spring semesters for professors research and student immersion trips, along with a way to help students who have three exams at once.

The Academic Council will be meeting on Thursday and FUSA and Malone are scheduled to meet next week.

The issues under discussion will affect the academic calendar for at least the next two years.

In the past the academic calendar has caused many inconveniences from students having more than two exams on one day to grades not having enough time to be processed.

The Academic Council appointed Malone, along with two more faculty members, to look into the best ways to address the many concerns.

The faculty’s main concern was that students need three days before the exam period, and, because exam period was shortened, some students are scheduled for three exams one day, along with the consideration of meeting the needs of professional schools.

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