Each semester, while students return to campus and get back into their normal routines here at Fairfield, the Spring Activities Fair provides Stags with an opportunity to get involved with the many clubs and organizations here at the University.

According to the Assistant Director of the Office of Student Engagement and advisor to the Fairfield University Student Association Council of Student Organizations, Daniel Budak, the fair was a great success this semester.

In terms of attendance, Budak noted, “COSO had approximately 75 organizations in attendance.” However, he also pointed out that in comparison to the Fall Activities Fair, attendance is generally expected to be much lower in the spring.

Sophomore Kyle Morehead, who was at the fair, said, “I thought it was a good display of all the clubs and ways to get involved on campus, but it wasn’t as great as the one for the fall semester.”

There were quite a few club leaders and other members, as per Budak, who were staffing the tables and also checking out club and organization opportunities.

In regards to how effective the fair was at increasing the overall memberships of various clubs and organizations in attendance, Budak highlighted that, “Most organizations recruit a handful of new members at the Spring Activities Fair.”

Junior A.J. Mastercola, co-president of the Martial Arts Club, said that, “the Activities Fair gives people the opportunity to try something new like Martial Arts Club and we get to meet a lot of new students.”

Some new arrivals to the fair this semester, to name a few, were Stagathon, Catholic Relief Services and the Continuing Studies Student Association.

One notable improvement to the fair, according to Budak, was that, “FUSA/COSO decided to be up in the Oak Room/Dogwood Room to allow for more space for organizations.” He went on to say that one of the goals for future activity fairs would be to increase overall visibility and interest for clubs and organizations on campus.

He noted that, “We are always looking for ways to improve the Spring Activities Fair to give our students an opportunity to get involved.”

While the Fall Activities Fair is also a great opportunity to get students involved, Budak went on to point out that it should not be the only opportunity during the year, hence, “this gives students another chance to connect and explore.”

Lastly, Budak also added that, “COSO as part of FUSA has done an excellent job of engaging our student organizations this year. As their advisor, I am thrilled to see their support of student organizations growing and improving.”

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