After more than a year of investigation, a suspect has finally been arrested in the shooting death of Mark Fisher. Antonio Russo, 18, was brought into custody Tuesday, Nov. 23 and charged with murder and robbery.

Fisher, who was a sophomore at Fairfield University at the time of his death, was attending a house party in Brooklyn when he was shot. Police suspect there were other people who witnessed the murder, but the group of friends all retained lawyers.

Fisher’s mother, Nancy, told The Mirror last month that she expected someone to talk sooner or later.

“I believe time will tell what happened,” she said. “I don’t know if they can go their whole life without telling. How could they protect a criminal?”

More arrests are expected to come in the near future.

“The wall of silence surrounding the murder of Mark Fisher has finally been breached,” said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly to The Daily News. “[But] this case is not closed.”

Police suspect the motive may have simply been robbery, as ATM records show Fisher took out $20 a few hours before his suspected death.

The $100,000 reward offered by both Fisher’s family and the police will probably go uncollected, according to officials.

The Mirror will continue to follow this story in the next print edition.

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