Who: Jasmine Fernandez ‘12

Major: Political Science

Involved in: Performing For Change, SALSA, LEAD, Cura Personalis

What inspired you to found Performing For Change?

Being from a diverse city (New York), and knowing what it feels like to be a student that felt underrepresented on campus, I felt it was essential to create an organization where students from a diverse background and lifestyle could share  their true life stories while giving hope to others.

Who would you like to perform at Fairfield?

Performing For Change’s primary purpose is to provide a safe haven for performers to learn about each other and develop as artists. It forms a community in order to create an all original musical featuring their own poems, songs, artwork, and scenes in order to tackle life issues like self image, absence of a parent, sexual harassment, death, love and domestic violence that are not discussed as much.

What’s one thing you would change about Fairfield?

I would like to help breakdown the existing stereotypes and overall image of diverse students on this campus.

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