Matthew Murray-Greninger ’10

Major: Math

Hometown: Point Pleasant, NJ

What change would you like to see happen on campus?

I’d like to see things not being taken away – from the trays in Barone to sophomore parking, it needs to stop.

How do you deal with getting up at 5 am 6 days a week to go to crew practice?

Lots and lots of naps.

What’s the most interesting part of being a coxswain for crew?

A lot of people think it’s just like sitting in a hole and yelling at people, but it’s much more than that. You’re the on-water coach, so you’re motivating and coaching at the same time.

What was your best experience studying abroad in Australia?

It definitely WASN’T getting mono in Sydney, but the Great Barrier Reef was pretty awesome. Surfer’s Paradise was kind of like Las Vegas…

What was your most unique experience at Fairfield?

Dating my RA freshman year pretty much allowed me to get away with murder… If you’re an underclassman, I seriously recommend following my lead.

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