Mikaela Tierney/The Mirror

Mikaela Tierney/The Mirror

Name: Victoria Clougher
Major: New Media Film
Minor: TV Production
Hometown: Tyngsborough, MA

What change would you like to see happen on campus?
More musicals.  Lots more.  I love musical theater and I think it would be a great use of the diverse talent that we have on campus.

Where is your favorite place to be on campus?
Barone . . .  – I mean – definitely the Loyola Commons.  There’s always people I know in there watching movies or playing piano or Bananagrams  – It’s always a good time.

You just finished filming a movie – what’s it like to be involved in the film dept. at Fairfield?
Umm, well in one sentence, its fun, stressful, hard, amazing, professional, random, intense, surprising, challenging, spontaneous, cool, serious, neat-o, snazzy, and the best ever.

You star in the Fairfield Live! weekly videos with Tom Saporito – why do you enjoy doing them?
After I film an episode I always know what’s going on around campus, and if you watch it – so will you

What’s the most outrageous and ridiculous Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

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