On Friday, Oct. 23, several public schools in the town of Fairfield were dismissed early after a series of phone threats in the morning said that there was a bomb at Fairfield Ludlowe High School, pipe bombs planted at Fairfield Warde High School and a man with an M16 assault rifle heading towards Holland Hill Elementary School, according to the CT Post.

The Department of Public Safety issued precautionary measures at Fairfield University as a response to these phone threats. According to Associate Director of DPS Frank Ficko, “Perimeter gates were secured for approximately two hours as access to and from campus was restricted to the main entrance.”

Ficko added that “additional support officers were also called in to assist as needed.”

The Fairfield University community helped to reach out to families in Fairfield with children at Fairfield public schools. “Fairfield University works closely with the Town of Fairfield and offers its facilities in times of need,” said Ficko. “As such, the Quick Center served as a gathering place for parents of school children as police checked and cleared the schools in town. Parents were addressed in the auditorium with information and instructions on how to reunite with their children.”

Later in the afternoon on Friday in a press conference, Fairfield Police Chief Gary MacNamara reported that “all of the school children are safe.”

According to the CT Post, investigations have so far led the Fairfield Police to come to the conclusion that there is no credible evidence of any kind of threat.

Ficko added that neither Fairfield University or Fairfield Prep were directly threatened at any point during the day.

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  1. Dave Orintas

    Tens of millions of dollars are being spent on irrelevant luxuries such as a stadium and a renovated physical fitness center. How much is being spent on books for the library. Not much and not enough. Fairfield University is an academic institution not a yuppie amusement park.


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