New information has been received regarding the incident on Sunday, Sept. 22, where multiple parties were involved in a violent outbreak in Dolan Hall, resulting in three arrests, several injuries and extensive property damage.

According to a statement from two of the students involved in – but not arrested after – the Dolan brawl, they received violations for Fairfield’s alcohol policy, for which they pled “responsible.”  The two also received violations for breaching the fighting policy as well as the disorderly or disruptive conduct/under the influence policy, for which they pled “not responsible.”

Despite the pleas of “not responsible,” the Office of the Dean of Students found them responsible for all violations, and they were placed on disciplinary probation until May 31, 2014.

It was confirmed by Frank Ficko, associate director of public safety, that a golf club was allegedly used in the altercation, and was confiscated by Fairfield Police at the scene of the incident.

Francis McGoldrick was dismissed from Fairfield as a result of the incident, according to sources close to McGoldrick.  He declined to comment on the incident after being contacted multiple times by The Mirror.

Junior J. Brendan McGlew wrote a letter to the editor which appeared in last week’s issue of The Mirror. McGlew said that the part of the incident that was most unsettling was “the press’ connection with this story.”  He claimed that he was “not present during the event that was mentioned by the press,” and that he did what he “believed to have been right, which was to try and protect everyone and help break up the fight.”

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