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Construction on campus has interfered with parking, walking, driving and living for students of every year. For those living in residence halls that were projected to be more disturbed, earplugs were distributed on move-in day in an effort to help students deal with the noise while studying or sleeping.

Most students on campus can identify at least one instance in which earplugs were not an adequate solution.

A new residence hall is currently being built in between Campion and Jogues halls, much to the chagrin of the two halls’ residents. “It’s not so nice to wake up to the sound of jackhammers,” says Mary Briggs ’14, a resident of Jogues, “and we can hear the workers’ conversations going on right outside our window at seven in the morning.”

When asked what the worst part of the construction was for Brigges, the answer was clear. “The trucks that come and go during all parts of the day and having to hear the loud beeps the trucks make when they reverse is the worst. It’s so loud and annoying,” she said.

The quad is not the only place on campus where the construction is causing problems. FUSA representatives Greg Burke ’12 and Lauren Johnson ’11 have received the most complaints from residents of the apartments who have cars. “I’ve heard that students have to park in other spots far away,” said Johnson. “One person said she has to park behind Regis Hall and walk to the apartments from there,” she added.

The construction in the Quad will allow for all first-year students to be together in one place, and also aims to eliminate the forced triples that some people have come to despise. T

he new dorm residence is part of the construction initiative that will create 232 additional beds for full-time students. Upperclassmen benefit from the construction as well, as the projects currently underway at the Village and Dolan Hall will create more apartment style rooms, available to juniors and seniors.

Students can take comfort in already seeing the benefits from one new project, as the construction at 42 Bellarmine Road is mostly completed. Students have already begun enjoying the new suite-style rooming while being a part of the Creative Life Residential College.

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