This semester, the Fairfield University Counseling and Psychological Services department has switched to a “telehealth” model. This will be the operation in place for the near future, and was implemented in response to rising COVID-19 cases.

With many services available completely free-of-charge to all students, the office is able to help students through whatever struggle they may be facing at the current moment; a few of their offerings include “confidential individual and group therapy services” according to an official news release by the office, as well as on-call work when necessary. 

These offerings will stay the same at this present moment, but all operations will continue online. Jeff Daily, a postdoctoral psychology fellow who works with Counseling and Psychological Services, stated “In times of COVID, I guess we’ve had to rapidly adapt in terms of using telehealth and Zoom to have counseling sessions.”

Although the idea of telehealth and counseling over Zoom may worry some regular users of the office’s services, Daily assures that there is no need to worry; with a list of reservable private spaces around campus, the office can assure that students who would like privacy from roommates, friends, or people who live around them can have that to ensure the most productivity through counseling sessions.

Additionally, Counseling and Psychological Services has created a new system of online scheduling for meetings and counseling which is sure to assist in the ways that students are able to receive help. 

The same press release reads: “To welcome students back in the new year, C&PS is excited to begin offering an online scheduling system! Our mission is to make it even easier for Stags to connect with one of our caring, professional and inclusive counselors.”  With this addition, students are now able to schedule a meeting online.

The telehealth system will continue to be an option for those who would rather speak to a counselor or therapist online, but in just a short amount of time, the office will be welcoming students back to their services in person. 

“We’re going to take the month of January to kind of start with telehealth only,” Daily explained. “So in February, in just a few days, it sounds like we are going to be offering in-person and telehealth again, and we’ll hopefully be able to meet student preferences, what they would like.”

There are many different options and offerings through Counseling and Psychological Services for both individuals and groups. Some group therapy options include sessions for nursing students, grief, self-care for sexual assault survivors and even a stress and anxiety management group; Daily hopes that people use and get involved with these resources if they need the assistance at any point.

As of this academic year, Counseling and Psychological Services has moved from Dolan Commons closer to the center of campus in the Wellness Center attached to Jogues Hall. Here, the office is closer to the student body and can easily offer help on short notice.

If you are looking for therapy or counseling, you can call (203) 254-4000 ext. 2146 to schedule a meeting with a therapist in the office of Counseling and Psychological Services, or you can email to do the same. Fairfield University’s life@fairfield website has a link to the new online scheduling system for all students to use.

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