Wednesday, 11/2

9:39 p.m.– A student reported that another student called them a racial slur. The Department of Public Safety talked to both students involved and was informed that the student who said a racial slur was harassing and bullying the other student. Both students were referred to student conduct.

Friday, 11/4

10:51 p.m.– DPS responded to a report of a couple of suspicious males outside Jogues Hall. DPS followed the males into the building and found them to be minors in possession of alcohol and narcotics. Four students from Fordham University were involved, as well as a couple of Fairfield students. The Fairfield students were referred to student conduct and DPS informed Fordham of their students’ behavior.

11:20 p.m.– An assault occurred at the Townhouses 1 block area after a high school student attended a party at a townhouse on 1 block and received injuries during the party from a physical assault, subsequently ending up in the hospital for treatment. Some of the individuals involved were referred to student conduct. The matter is still under investigation.

Saturday, 11/5

12:30 a.m.– A freshman was found outside of Townhouses 3 block in possession of beer under the legal drinking age and was referred to student conduct.

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