8:50 p.m. – The smell of marijuana led DPS officers to a room in Jogues Hall, which led to one student being issued an infraction for possession.


8:37 p.m. – An incident of breaking and entering occurred at a townhouse on 3 block, where a basement door was broken into.

10:33 p.m. – DPS arrived at a townhouse on 12 block in order to respond to an alarm, which led to them discovering that an individual had tampered with the smoke alarms in the area. Drug paraphernalia was also discovered and confiscated.


7:48 p.m. – An incident of vandalism occurred in Gonzaga Hall, where a student wrote the word “Help” in blood on a wall. The identified student did not require any medical assistance and has been referred to student conduct.


12:40 a.m. – A report of disorderly conduct occurred in Campion Hall when two Sacred Heart students refused to cooperate with RAs. DPS was called to handle the situation, which led to them discovering alcohol in a student’s room. The Fairfield University students were referred to student conduct, and the Sacred Heart students were asked to leave campus.


3:58 a.m. – An incident of sexual assault was reported. All parties involved were identified, and one student was arrested.

5:50 a.m. – An incident of theft occurred when a Stamford ambulance reported to an incident on campus, and a student entered the vehicle and stole items within it.

4:42 p.m. – A pair of sunglasses, a vaporizer, a GoPro and three watches were reported stolen by a student in a townhouse on 4 block. Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact DPS.


10:56 p.m. – A student reported that a laptop was stolen from room 316 in Donnarumma Hall. Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact DPS.

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