Tuesday 1/30

1:51 p.m.- The Department of Public Safety received an anonymous sexual assault report. There is no cause for the campus to worry as the involved parties have been identified.


Wednesday 1/31

10:28 p.m.- There was an alcohol violation in Gonzaga Hall. Public Safety was led to a room containing beer and wine due to the smell of smoke. Two students were referred to student conduct.


Saturday 2/3

12:57 a.m.- There was a narcotics violation in the Regis parking lot. The odor of marijuana led Public Safety to the Regis parking lot where three students were found smoking marijuana in a vehicle. The three students were referred to student conduct.


Sunday 2/4

1:15 a.m.- A student was seen walking out of a back door of a townhouse on 12 block with a bottle of wine. He was deemed underage and was referred to student conduct


2:04 a.m.- There was vandalism in Gonzaga Hall. A shower caddy was kicked and the suspect was identified.


Monday 2/5

1:53 p.m.- There was a misuse of a permit in the Regis Parking Lot. A student created their own fake parking permit, which was easily identified as being homemade. The student was referred to student conduct.

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