1:56 a.m. – A vandalism in Claver Hall was reported. A student threw a beer bottle through a window. The Department of Public Safety identified the student and he was referred to student conduct.

6:34 p.m. – In Campion Hall, alarm detection equipment was tampered with. The student has been referred to student conduct.


4:24 p.m. – A student reported that the seat of their Schwinn bicycle was stolen from outside of Campion Hall sometime during the night before 4/8.


12:53 a.m. – An assault was reported outside of 9 Block of the Townhouses. A student was punched in the face by an unknown male who exited Townhouse 8 Apartment 5. Anyone with information is encouraged to come forward.


2:47 p.m. – Exit signs were damaged on the second floor of Loyola Hall. Public Safety was able to identify the students involved and refer them to student conduct.


12:44 p.m. – A Public Safety officer was almost struck by a motor vehicle outside of Loyola Hall. The operator of the vehicle was a female student who was running late to class. Rather than slowing down and stopping at the crosswalk while the pedestrian was crossing, the student drove up on the sidewalk in order to get around the officer and continued driving at full speed. DPS identified the student, who was cited for reckless driving.

3:55 p.m. – Students in Jogues Hall reported a yellow wreath and various magnets missing from their room. Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact a Resident Assistant or DPS.

4:53 p.m. – There was a theft of a table valued at $80 taken from the back porch of a Townhouse in 11 Block. The item is a gray folding table described as heavy and sturdy. Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact an RA or Public Safety.

DPS would also like to announce that there is an expensive camera and an expensive ring in Lost and Found at the DPS Office in the lower level of Loyola Hall. If anyone has lost one of these items, they are encouraged to reclaim them from DPS.

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