Tuesday, 3/11

4:37 p.m. A university banner was stolen from the Quad near 70 McCormick Road. A student and their guest were identified and found responsible for taking the banner. The non-student mailed the stolen banner back to the university and his host was referred to student conduct.

Saturday, 3/15

2:03 a.m. A non-student was reported to be sitting in a female student’s car outside the Townhouses 5 block. DPS responded and identified the individual and another non-student who attempted to flee. They claimed to be sitting in the car “because it was cold outside.” Criminal trespass warnings were issued to the non-students and their host was referred to student conduct.

3:06 a.m. Resident Assistants responding to a noise complaint at a residence of the Townhouses 10 block were met with disorderly conduct by the residents, slamming the door in the RAs’ faces and grabbing one RA by the shoulder. DPS responded and referred the residents to student conduct.

9:35 p.m. DPS responded to a report of burnt papers in a bathroom in Jogues Hall. There are currently no suspects.

Sunday, 3/16

1:46 a.m. DPS discovered a male outside of Regis Hall “aggressively kicking trash cans.” He admitted to consuming alcohol earlier that evening at the Beach and was referred to student conduct.

Tuesday, 3/18

3:09 a.m. Two unregistered guests were reportedly banging on doors on the second floor of 70 McCormick Road and vomited in the bathroom. Their host was referred to student conduct.

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