The academic calendar for the 2012-2013 school year states that, for undergraduates, Easter recess is to go from Friday, March 29 through Monday April 1.

However, in the weeks leading up to the break, many professors told their students they would be resuming their regular class schedules on Easter Monday. For some turbos, attendance was mandatory.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day and President’s Day had Monday classes missed in January and February, respectively. Inclement weather made for the cancellation of all daytime and evening classes on Monday February 11, so professors may have been attempting to make up for lost time.

The School of Engineering held night classes, and many Nursing students had Transition Clinical Hours.

Dean of Students Karen Donoghue and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Paul Fitzgerald S.J., said they were unaware that Monday classes were not “optional” for undergraduates, despite what was going around campus.

Fitzgerald went on to say, “Some of the Masters and Doctoral level programs have classes on Easter Monday. Also, some of our post-baccalaureate certificate programs meet on Easter Monday.”

Emails to several professors holding class Monday went unanswered.

Senior Danielle Manzella, who had planned on coming back to school on the Tuesday after Easter, was met with resistance when her professor announced class would be held on April 1. While she said she “completely understands” why he chose to hold class, there were some downsides.

“With preparing and hosting an Easter dinner, it was definitely inconvenient having a Monday class. Even though it took place during the evening, I kept thinking [on Sunday] how I have to finish my homework and drive back the next day,” she said.

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