Fairfield’s Charles F. Dolan School of Business is expanding its academic reach to graduate students from India, made possible through a hybrid-style partnership signed by DSB and education firm Imarticus Learning.

The program will begin with online classes, which are hoped to commence for the spring 2024 semester. 

“The Dolan School and Imarticus Learning agreed to collaborate to serve graduate students from India in advancing their careers in Business,” reported Associate Dolan Dean Ancu Micu, Ph.D. 

This memorandum of understanding was signed on April 11, 2023, and demonstrates plans to augment the University’s educational and cultural opportunities. While it welcomes all DSB graduates, the program will specialize in business development for Master’s degrees in Business Administration, Business Analytics and Finance. 

Graduate students placed in the program will be selected by Imarticus Learning, who will support them through their first four classes stationed online in India. Online classes will share the same professors that teach Fairfield Dolan graduate students on campus, strengthening the bond between both cohorts.

Micu explained that this way, students in the program will become familiar with the Dolan course structure, materials and requirements, as well as the level of complexity of the assignments.”

At the conclusion of their electronic endeavor, the students will be transferred to the North Benson campus to complete the six remaining, in-person classes. Here, international students will work in tandem with all other Dolan graduate students, immersed in components that range from group projects to community acclimation. 

In the words of Micu, the program is a “tremendous experience” for students engaged in the program, as well as their classmates situated on North Benson Rd. Surely, both professional parties are equally as excited for and supportive of their students and the emerging opportunity.

“Both partners are passionate about their student’s success,” she assured, “and crafted a program that would gradually immerse the students in what we can call the ‘American modern Jesuit graduate business academic experience’ that will start in India and culminate on campus in Fairfield.”

The Dolan School of Business prides a 98% graduate placement rate as well as graduate specialization areas “consistently ranked in the top 25 by US News and World Report,” according to Micu. 

Staying true to their resolute ambition, DSB desired a partner as remarkable as themselves. Furthermore, they strove for a company that would achieve outstanding outcomes by providing quality education and a high level of care for their students—just as the Fairfield Jesuits do.

Held to this criteria, Imarticus Learning was a clear winner.  

Imarticus Learning is an award-winning, professional education firm in India that issues professional certification courses and degree programs across five domains: finance, marketing, management, analytics and technology. Through partnering with acclaimed educational institutions and universities, the firm is able to empower a new generation of leaders and professionals.

“By organizing knowledge with advanced technology and making learning accessible, our goal is to prepare our global learning community for a futuristic, tech-driven society,” declares their official website.

Similar to DSB, Imarticus Learning holds a placement record of 85%. Moreover, all of its alumni are employed—and 72% of them are at Fortune 500 companies. 

This partnership creates a versatile program that expands Fairfield’s global expansion goals and brings attention to Dolan’s top-ranked programs in India. On a student basis, however, the program introduces international students to Fairfield’s impressive faculty and relevant courses. 

Culturally, the program assists in enriching the Fairfield campus through further diversification of the student body, as well as exposure to its unique elements. 

Micu described that upon the arrival of Imarticus students, working alongside other Dolan graduate students, their previous work culture and habits will be shared and, therefore, “[enrich] the interpretation of the class case studies and projects.”

The partnership will begin with one program in Master in Science (MS) in Business Analytics, but will later expand to encompass numerous areas. Dolan’s Business Analytics graduate specialty is a highly attractive option for Indian students, ranking 21st in the nation in 2022. Micu continued to explain that Dolan’s MS in Business Analytics program won the top award of the 2022 Wharton QS Reimagine Education Awards in the “Best Online Program” category.

Dolan will spend the next few months building the schedule of courses that will be offered online for Indian students. 

After the start of Jan. 2024 classes, students will travel to Fairfield during the summer, and join the campus’ fall semester classes. 

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