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It is time once again to figure out where you and your friends want to live next year; however, this time many more options have been added to the list. Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores all have new living opportunities available, now the question will be which one will you pick?

Seniors and Juniors have two new buildings added to the list: 51 McInnes Road and Dolan Hall. 51 McInnes Road, also known as the “Gateway to the East,” is located at the start of the village and will be apartment style living for groups of 4, 6 and 8.

Brand new in every aspect this building comes equipped with new “blonde” furniture including: a kitchen table, love seat, couch, end and coffee table. A new feature that only 51 McInnes Road will have is an indoor bike room. This room will be located on the group floor and will hold students bicycles. There is availability for 188 students broken down into six 4-person, 22 6-person and four 8-person apartments.

The other option for the class of ’12 and ’13 is Dolan Hall. This building was completely gutted and renovated into apartment style housing for groups of 4, 6 and 8 as well. These apartments range in size and shape each with a unique and individual style.

Dolan will have the option of attic apartments, those will be located on the top floor overlooking the grounds with an awesome view. The ceilings in these apartments will be high and the laundry room will be located next to the common lounge. This option will have availability for 140 students 3 4-person, 8 6-person and 10 8-person.

With these buildings the townhouses will now return to 4 and 6 person units, 74 4-person and 28 6-person.

For the Class of ’14 the new dorm 70 McCormick Road is added to their option list. This “traditional style” dorm is located in the quad among the other traditional style buildings available. With common lounge and study rooms on every floor 70 McCormick will be extemely accomodating for the residents.

This will be the second building on campus to have a green roof and the first dorm with full glass windows around the lounges, this traditional style dorm has new packaging added. The hallways are designed to create a warmer environment with faux hard wood floors and curved edges. This new option will now be the Service for Justice Residental College for up to 132 students.

“These buildings are going to be beautiful and we’re so fortunate to be adding them on this fall. They’re so brand new, everything in them, if I was a student well even if I wasn’t, I’d want to live there.” said Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life Karen Donoghue.

The new buildings create spacious living environments, as well as many more options for Fairfield University students.“The whole point of building new living spaces as well as different types of building is student preference.” Donoghue said. Now it is up to the students to make the decision of which we will choose.

If students want any more information regarding housing contact the Residence Life Office by phone (203) 254-4215 or e-mail

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