Walking into the dining hall in the Barone Campus Center, students are wondering what’s on the day’s menu, where they should sit and if Eduardo is working.

Eduardo Neira is a Sodexo employee who has been working at Fairfield for the past 16 years. According to Neira, he’s enjoyed every second of it. “I like my job because I feel comfortable working with the students,” Neira commented. Neira noted that he enjoys socializing with the students on a regular basis, “I like to talk to students, be around them and be nice to them.”

The students certainly enjoy having him present. Freshman Alec Lurie commented, “Eduardo makes the dining hall homey and inviting. Even when you are having a rough day or have a ton of homework, he always gives you something to smile about.” He continued to explain that Neira seems to care a lot about the students and will go out of his way to assist them.

Students can find Neira going out of his way to clean their tables, or maybe sitting down to have a full conversation with you. “Every time I went to Barone, I always see him and he looks like he is having such a good time doing his job. He is super friendly and always wants to say hi to you,” said Alex Mongillo ‘16. “If he sees anything can be picked up from your table, he’ll always pick it up for you so you don’t have to. He seems like a very genuine man.”

Freshman Kevin Grady seems to agree: “Eduardo is someone who really takes pride in his job and is a great asset to the Fairfield community.”

After work, Neira enjoys some of the same activities as students here on campus. Neira has a few chief hobbies he enjoys after work. “I like to rest and listen to music,” Neira commented. He continued to explain how he enjoys watching sports, and he is a big fan of the sports here at Fairfield, in particular the soccer teams. “I like playing soccer and watching it, I am a big fan of the Fairfield soccer teams,” he said.

Next time you enter Barone, be sure to give a warm welcome to Neira and start a friendly conversation, because he would certainly enjoy another engagement with a student and he may even brighten your day.

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