Good. Bad. Or just plain satisfying?

Ever since the opening of Einstein Bros. Bagels in the Barone Campus Center, students feel differently on whether it is a great addition to campus dining or a step in the wrong direction.

The deli, which opened this semester, offers fresh and healthy meal choices. Options include turkey, ham, chicken, pizza, bagels, smoothies and soups. The menu also presents foods containing less than 400 calories.

“Einstein’s is a big upgrade from Jazzman’s,” said employee Joe Cruz. “It is much more exciting, has a lot of great food choices and a great atmosphere.”

Several students interviewed feel Jazzman’s offered little variety and a depressed atmosphere.

Junior Carolyn Kosewski explained, “When I walk into Einstein’s I feel like there is a happier vibe because the lighting is better, and students seem happier to get their food and coffee.”

Another convenience deals with time. Einstein’s is opened until 11 p.m. from Monday through Thursday and 5 p.m. on Fridays. This can help satisfy a student’s late night cravings.

The location is also appreciated.

“Coming from a person who lives in New Jersey, I know what a great bagel is, and this place is clutch,” said Tom Mortorano ’15.

Though mostly positively reviewed, others have found some flaws.

“The staff is very energetic and you can tell that they want to be there,” said Ricky Haas ’15. “Yet the workers were all over the place.”

Others feel it is a good value but lacks organization.

“Einstein Bagels is a diamond in the rough,” said Louis Greco ’15. “It has value to it but it still has kinks and needs to smooth out.”

Yet the biggest concern involves the issue of this food joint replacing Late Night at the Stag, where the Stag famously offered inexpensive foods every Thursday night.

“I don’t understand why the school got rid of dinner options like Late Night for bagels, which is a breakfast or lunch food,” said Julie Johnson ’15.

Only time will tell if Einstein Bros. Bagels will be an asset to the Fairfield community.

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