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Author: Grace Tiezzi

If Fairfield University was Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, the StagCard would be the golden ticket. It opens every resource on campus to the holder.

While the uses of the StagCard are accessible to Fairfield students, StagBucks are a still source of confusion for many.

StagBucks are a debit account system available to Fairfield students, faculty, and staff. Funds can be deposited into the account online and can be used at a variety of places on and off campus.

According to StagCard System Administrator Michael Tortora, StagBucks are a convenient feature of the StagCard system. The debit system allows parents and students to easily deposit money into student accounts for use on and off campus. Parents know where the money is being used and students benefit from the extra funds.

StagBucks can be used on campus at the Stag Spirit Shop, the library, the mailroom, and the vending machines. It can also be used to purchase food at Angelo’s Pizza, the Stag, and Einstein Bros. Bagels.

Off campus, StagBucks are accepted at the Fairfield University Bookstore, as well as dozens of restaurants and shops, including CVS, Village Bagel and Primo Pizza.

In order to become an establishment that accepts StagBucks, merchants must first inquire with the StagCard office. This usually takes the form of an email, said Tortora.

Then the StagCard office evaluates the business to decide whether or not they will make a good StagCard merchant. According to Tortora, established businesses with good reputations are usually accepted to the program quickly, while newer businesses generally have to wait.

Finally, Fairfield contacts a third party management system called Blackboard Transact, an offshoot of the course management system used by many professors. The company negotiates the contract between Fairfield and the potential merchant and then sets up the necessary equipment.

After it is completed, the merchant is ready to accept StagBucks.

“Merchants in town really like accepting StagBucks,” said Tortora. By accepting StagBucks, participating businesses have access to more potential earnings than operations not taking StagBucks, he added.

Fairfield businesses are certainly taking advantage of this opportunity because new merchants are being added all the time. Most recently, Whole Foods, Planet Pizza, and Italian Kitchen were added to the list.

Students from all classes frequently take advantage of the ability to use StagBucks off campus.

“I went to the Shake Shack last weekend with my roommate and used my StagBucks,” said Chelsea Picarazzi ’13. “It was so good and so convenient.”

Other students utilize their StagBucks at restaurants like Garden Catering, Chef’s Table and Firehouse Deli.

However, not all students use their StagBucks for off campus expenditures. Sophomore Andrea Butler reserves her StagBucks for on campus purchases at Einstein’s and the Stag and solely uses her debit card in town.

For many, the problem with StagBucks is the inability to remove money from your StagCard account.

This is because Fairfield University is not a bank and cannot facilitate cash withdrawals. Therefore, it is recommended to only transfer small amounts to the StagCard.

According to Tortora, the StagCard office wants to hear ideas and questions from students, as well as problems students are having with merchants. He added, feedback is always welcome.

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