With less than 12 days until the FUSA elections, the field is chosen, the candidates are off campaigning and many Fairfield representatives could not be happier to have a crowded field.

Steve Liguori ’09, Jackie Mylroie ’09, Jeffrey Seiser ’10 and Spencer Thibodeau ’10, have filed and completed the applications, sources close to the candidates said. In receiving the 50 required signatures, they have secured their place for the Feb. 20 primary election.

A debate is scheduled for Feb. 19 at 5 p.m. in the lower level of the BCC.

“I have a vision where the students’ interests come first,” said Seiser. He said that his initiatives include a more organized FUSA, restoring the Web site and increasing an acceptance of diversity.

“I think that the biggest issue facing FUSA is the gap between the students and the administration,” Seiser added. “I think Hutch [Williams ’08] based most of his administration on school spirit. I would go to programming with diversity issues … to create an open and respectful community.”

Seiser began petitioning on Feb. 8, the deadline for FUSA president and vice president candidates to file. He received the necessary signatures by 4 p.m.

He said, “I feel that the other candidates are qualified and smart, but I am the most qualified.”

Thibodeau said he is pleased with the crowded field because it will generate more excitement. He said the crowded ballot shows increased interest in FUSA.

Emily Dragone ’09 and Jordan Hummel ’10 will be seeking the post of FUSA vice president. Hummel will run on Thibodeau’s ticket, while Dragone will run alone. Hummel is currently serving as vice president of the 2010 class council under Seiser.

“I think that Jordan and I have a good relationship,” said Seiser, who has endorsed Dragone for the position. “I didn’t want the race to affect the relationship.”

Thibodeau said that former contender Michael Fischetti ’10 and IRHA Vice President Michael Stahl ’10 are endorsing him in the race.

Candidates attended a posting meeting on Feb. 11 where the rules of campaigning were announced.

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