Students gathered outside the Barone Campus Center on a brisk cold morning this past weekend to raise awareness and money for cancer research, all while having a “fun run” around campus.

On Sunday, Nov. 12, Colleges Against Cancer and the Fairfield Chapter of St. Baldrick’s Foundation hosted their “Fun Run” event in order to raise awareness and help to fundraise for cancer research.

The event took place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., where participants started at the Lower Level of the Barone Campus Center and took part in a two-mile run, walk or jog around campus. The registration fee, being $10 per participant, went to funding cancer research sponsored by both organizations.

One of the Co-Presidents of Colleges Against Cancer, Ariana Romanelli ‘18, noted that both organizations hosted the fun run event because the “main goal for both of our clubs is to spread awareness and fundraise to aid in the fight against cancer. Since our clubs are grounded in this initiative, it is very important that we contribute in any way possible to achieve this goal within the Fairfield community.”

In terms of getting the message out about their cause, Romanelli added that, “when Students for Saint Baldricks Fairfield reached out to us in hopes to partner this event, we were thrilled at the possibility of expanding our outreach and message, since it is for such an important and impactful cause.”

Sophomore Matt Harvill was one of the runners for the event, who felt as though it was a great cause. He added that he is an avid runner and noted that having this event was a great way to do that while raising money and awareness for cancer research.

Romanelli further added that hosting this event was a great way to create and facilitate more dialogue on campus regarding cancer awareness and how important it is to realize its prevalence.

First-year Alaina Moger, who was also in attendance, stated, “I think it’s for a really good cause … I like how it involves running and is called a ‘turkey trot’ since we’re close to thanksgiving.”

Through this event, according to Romanelli, “we raised funds that will not only help our respective clubs be able to plan and host future events, ultimately contributing to our donation to the American Cancer Society, where the money will be used to directly aid cancer patients and future cancer research.”

Another one of the students who helped to coordinate and organize the event, Co-President of the Fairfield Chapter of St. Baldrick’s Foundation, Brendan Hunt ‘18, said, “I reached out to the club [Colleges Against Cancer] earlier this year to see if they wanted to co-sponsor a fun run this year as well as a fundraiser for both of our organizations.” He felt as though having a fun run was beneficial to because it was a great way to get students actively involved with raising awareness for cancer, while also raising a good amount of money needed to provide for the funding necessary for cancer research.

He stated that the event was meant to “bring the community together in a fun, healthy way to raise money and awareness for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and the American Cancer Society.” The latter is where a portion of the proceeds will be directed to, which according to Romanelli, “will be used to fund cancer research, advocacy, education, as well as services and programs for survivors and caregivers.”

Additionally, the funds will be used in order to fund both Colleges Against Cancer and Students for St. Baldrick’s so they may continue to plan and host future events, as per Romanelli.

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