New FUSA Logo

“We had 81 submissions, so awesome,” Christine Ruane told the crowd in the lower level of the BCC this past Friday before the unveiling of the new FUSA logo. The winner of the contest was Laura Cuciaotta and Rebecca Volent was the runner up. Neither of the winners were in attendance for the unveiling of the logo.

Ruane explained to the Mirror, “We decided that current [FUSA logo] was bland and was not a reflection, and needed to be lighter and fun.” FUSA Senate Chair Frank Fioretti came up with the idea of having a contest in which students submitted logo ideas. Ruane took the idea and put it into practice which resulted in over 81 submissions. The high number of submissions led to a  long and tough the decision process.

The winner of the contest received the grand prize of “ a gift basket that will include a $500 gift card (Visa or American Express),” according to a poster advertising the contest.  The runner up also received “a $50 gift card to the bookstore along with a free ticket to a FUSA-sponsored event.” The FUSA constitution will be amended to say that the new logo cannot be amended for another four years.

FUSA staff was pleased with the design.  FUSA President Eddie Muniz said that he felt the “logo embodies everything Fairfield is.” He also noted that he liked “the fact that it is fun.”

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