On Wednesday, Nov. 18, the FUSA Senate held their biweekly general meeting to discuss recent events on campus and other issues amongst the student body in need solutions.  

At the forum, the FUSA senators reflected on the recent housing lottery system open forum that was held last Wednesday, and how they would go about sending out a survey to the student body to hear their opinions on whether or not the University should enact a new housing lottery system. They determined that the survey would be sent out after winter break.

In addition, the senators discussed ways the forum could have been improved, and if the way in which the event was marketed was misleading. Since the fliers advertised a housing lottery system based on GPA and demerits, many students assumed that any new system enacted would have to follow this model, even though this was merely displayed as an example of a potential system.

The Senate also talked about ways that they can do their part in increasing school spirit among the student body by encouraging students to attend sporting events, as well as other campus-wide events.

In light of recent events such as the acts of terrorism in Paris, the Senate discussed the possibility of sending out statements in the form of emails to the student body when events such as these occur, as well as through other means of social media. In addition, they talked about potentially offering open forums, giving the student body an outlet to discuss conflicts happening around the world with their peers.

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