At noon today, the Fairfield University Student Association (FUSA) released a teaser video for its upcoming Spring 2013 concert.

The video highlighted the Fall concert lineup, using video cuts from Diplo and Krewella’s performances. The concert, organized by seniors Gina Tiftikidis and Sara Robicheau, was largely successful with FUSA reporting that approximately 1900 tickets were sold.

The concert is scheduled for May 1, the last day of classes.

FUSA President Rob Vogel ’13 said that in addition to the availability of both Alumni Hall and the artist, May 1 was chosen as the date because it would allow FUSA to “be able to provide students with a major event to celebrate the conclusion of classes and come together one last time on a large scale.”

“There’s not much event-wise going on that week,” said Vogel. “We’ve seen the success that Midnight Breakfast has had on the last day of fall semester classes, so based on past student actions, we feel students would be excited for an event that would mirror it.”

He continued: “Students will have two reading days followed by a day of exams and then another reading day, so we don’t see it impacting final exams at all.”

The official announcement as to who will be the performer is expected within the coming week.

Watch the video below:

FUSA Spring 2013 Concert Teaser from gina tiftikidis on Vimeo.

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