This past Wednesday, the FUSA student life committee assembled for the first time with all of its active members. This committee is compiled of four senate members from each class who have specific areas of concentration to focus on. These areas include dining services, transportation, bookstore and the environment.

An exciting upcoming event discussed is another multicultural Monday taking place on October 18th, featuring Moroccan culture dishes.

Many riveting topics were brought up during open forum. One issue that was brought up was how students from the Fairfield Prep school on campus are taking up spots on the StagBus, which is reserved exclusively for University students.

When asked about this issue, Cristina Richardson ’14 explains that, “It’s unfair to students who have erratic schedules to be denied seating on the bus because of the Prep kids. They aren’t the priority.”

The committee also voted in favor to change one of the 15 minute parking spots back to a permanent spot. This motion will enable someone from the waiting list a spot in the parking lot. Another main issue brought up was the gang-threat for Halloween weekend.

The committee briefed all members on this threat and explained that metal detectors would be implemented at the Jason Derulo and 3oh3! concert this year. Matthew Morissey ’13, head of the student life committee, pointed out that this action has been, “a long time running,” for public safety.

Cassie DePietro ’13 said, “I think it’s fine that they are using metal detectors this year because last year there was no gang threat on campus; they just add to the protection of the students.” Nicole Ross ’13 agrees and points out that, “I definitely feel safer because the concert is open to the public so it’s easy for anyone to get in and bring illegal items. It’s also crowded and dark so it couldn’t hurt to take some extra precautions.”

A final point was brought up by Senator Delicia Alarcon’13. She suggested that printers be placed near the computers by Jazzman’s. She explains that, “Printers would create more facility for students to print material for classes. Jazzman’s is closer to the residence halls versus walking to the library.” Hannah Tanguay ’14 agrees with this idea and points out that, “we need to have printers in a more accessible location on campus.”

Ultimately, this week’s meeting was very successful. Everyone on the student life committee proved to be innovative in thought and tumultuous in concern for events and issues going on around campus. Stay tuned next week for your next update!

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