The FUSA Senate confirmed three major nominations Sunday, for FUSA positions next year, one of which will serve on the Executive Board.

Senate Chair Tim Rich ’08 noticed that the Senate was one member short of a quorum. Of the 35 sitting senators only 23 were present, with the required two-third or 24 needed to proceed with the meeting’s agenda.

Advisor Caroline Joy left the School of Nursing auditorium saying she would go to the BCC to see if she could find someone to proxy for a missing senator. Two students came into the room later in the meeting and said they would proxy for the class of 2009. Both of the students voted for all three main appointments.

“I think that it is embarrassing that we didn’t have enough senators to vote,” said Dan Lamendola ’09, chair of the incoming Senate. “There has been no accountability and the senators don’t know what they are voting for.”

Lamendola said, as of right now, the Senate votes “do not represent the voice of the students,” a factor he discussed as part of his vie for leader of the Senate

Incoming FUSA President Jeff Seiser ’10 said, “If students are being elected to serve on Senate, there is no reason to miss important votes like this.”

Jordan Hummel ’10 will complete the executive board, as the Communication Director. Hummel’s appointment was passed by a margin of 20-4 with two abstentions. Sens. Steve Ligouri ’09, Joe Mercadante ’11, Tara Werner ’09, Lauren Nugent ’11 voted no.

David Axelrod was confirmed for the position of SOBOG Vice-chair of Finance by a margin of 25-1.

Erin Shea, was elected SOBOG Vice-chair of Communication by a margin of 23-3. Sens. Frank Fioretti ’10, Alison MacNeill ’10 and Justin Smith ’10 were the three who voted no.

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