The FUSA Student Life Committee met Tuesday night to discuss holding a protest on the Incoming Students Day, scheduled for April 12.

The event plans to host the accepted students of the class of 2012 in a welcome to the community.

The committee, a sub-group of the FUSA Student Senate, proposed plans to hand out flyers and hold up signs on the issue of the Off-Campus Boarder policy.

FUSA will hold a public meeting on Thursday, April 3 at 7:15 p.m. outside their office to field issues that should be presented to the incoming class.

The protest plans come in wake of a speech given by alumni Felipe Polanco ’01. Polanco spoke to the Senate on Sunday about how he and fellow classmates held a hunger strike to help previously fired employees receive benefits.

Mike Meehan ’08, an outspoken FUSA senator on the OCB issues, was not present for the Polanco talk but said that his presence was felt on Tuesday night’s tonight’s meeting, as the protest plans were met with enthusiasm by committee members.

“I definitely noticed a more spirited committee tonight,” said Meehan.

Brendan Monahan ’10, FUSA Secretary for Communication said “the voice of the students needs to be heard loud and clear via the most respectable and constitutional means possible.”

The release stated “the effects of off-campus housing situations are seen in every single class on campus, and as a result, if the students of Fairfield University are concerned, so too are the students of FUSA Senate.”

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