Rusty weights.  Broken machines.  Missing pins.

These are three things you are guaranteed not to find when you walk into the Fairfield University varsity student-athlete weight room, located in the Walsh Athletic Center.

But, trek across campus to the student weight-room in the RecPlex, and behold a completely different sight.

If you’ve never been to the student weight room, take a look at page two from last week’s Mirror. Can’t find a copy of the previous paper?  Ask any of your friends that use the weight-room.

“I feel like I need to get a tetanus shot after every time I work out down there,” said sophomore Christopher Del Vecchio, ’14.  Del Vecchio was not alone in voicing a strong opinion about the condition of the student weight room.

“It’s disgusting,” said sophomore Jeffery Temple, ’14, “The weights are rusty and the place is a mess … it’s just really hard to lift down there.”

Director of Recreational sports, programs and facilities Philip J. Palumbo M.A. believes students are responsible for racking their own weights and taking care of their weight room, resting blame for the conditions on the students.

“Students will say, ‘Well, why should we take care of the weight room when the university doesn’t?’ But that’s not the case,” said Palumbo, referring to previous extensive renovations done to the weight room.

Palumbo explained that the dumbbells in the student weight room are between seven and eight years old, which he cited as “pretty new” for weights. He continued that they “should” last a long time, adding that the rust is a result of poor ventilation in the weight room.

However, he was also sympathetic to the students needs as well.

“Do they deserve a better facility? Yes,” said Palumbo.

David Frassinelli, Associate Vice President of Facilities Management, also believes that non student-athletes have a “right” to a higher quality fitness facility such as the Walsh Athletic Center.

Frassinelli explained that the approximately $20 million renovation to the Rec Plex, which includes the student weight room that was renovated in the summer of 2010, is in its beginning stages.

Zoning and planning has been passed by the town of Fairfield and the plans are currently under review by the State Traffic Commission.  Frassinelli does not foresee any complications with regards to the State Traffic Commission.

The project, which Frassinelli estimates to take about 15 months to complete once construction is under way, has no set timetable, leaving some students to speculate if this will be done in their time here at Fairfield.

Taking into account the current budget deficit and the way the administration has handled the controversy, Gianluca Iaboni ‘14 said, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

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