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It’s official – the FUSA fall concert on October 28 will feature headliner Far East Movement, supported by opening acts Hoodie Allen and The Hood Internet.

Scheduled to go on sale on October 11 at 11 a.m, tickets will cost $35 until October 24, when ticket sales will become available to the public and prices will increase to $45.

The concert was announced during the WVOF Fall Concert Announcement show hosted by Kevin Tellie ‘12, WVOF station manager, and Ivey Speight ‘12, WVOF Sports Director.

“It was a great turnout, we really liked that people came – we wanted them to have fun!” Speight noted after the event. “It really pumped them up for the concert.”

Special guests Rob Goger ’14 and Michael Leavitt ’12, both from FUSA, offered some insight into the process of choosing the performers. “It’s extremely difficult – You’ve got to get in touch with people’s  agents…figure out the budget, what students want to have [as a] kind of genre, what the school can host that fits their values,” Goger explained.

About 150 people attended the announcement show in the Lower Level of the Barone Campus Center. Initially, people at the event were excited by the free food provided by Garden Catering and Robek’s, but some got annoyed when they had to wait through a half hour of music and talking for the actual performer announcement.

Student reactions to the final announcement of the concert performers were mixed.

“I’ve never gone [to the fall concert] and this concert doesn’t excite me enough to change that,” said Christina Dunne ’13.

Melanie Cannon ’12 said, “I like them, but not enough that I want to see them live.”

Yet some students were very excited about the announcement.

“I’ve heard that many people weren’t happy with the announcement, but I feel it’s a fairly solid line-up,” Thomas Knowles ‘12.  “Granted it might be a little more chill or laid back than the previous concerts, but I think it’ll still be pretty good.”

The opening act, The Hood Internet, hails from Chicago where the band members were originally in an indie rock group named May or May Not. The new group, which also runs a music blog under the same title, creates mash-ups of hip-hop and indie rock style songs to create a unique dance sound.

Hoodie Allen, a New York based rapper and songwriter and the second opening act of the show, focuses on the “importance of connecting with the audience through his lyrics,” according to his website.

Headliner Far East Movement is widely recognized for its hit “Like A G6”, but their style is much deeper than a single song.  They alternate between dance, pop, electronic, hip-hop and any other genre they feel they can adopt and make their own.

The concert will be held on campus at Alumni Hall and is set to begin at 8 p.m.

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