On Wednesday, April 29, hundreds of Fairfield students and faculty will face indefinite incarceration, hoping to post bail for a quick return to life beyond the jail cell.

The Department of Public Safety and several police departments from neighboring towns will be joining forces to arrest members of the Fairfield community, but all in the name of charity.

This Wednesday, Fairfield’s DPS will be hosting its eighth annual Jail N’ Bail event, in which students and faculty purchase warrants to have their friends and colleagues arrested.

Once arrested, prisoners must post bail, otherwise known as a donation to the Special Olympics of Connecticut, in order to be released from the makeshift prison set up on the green of the Barone Campus Center traffic circle. The rate of bail is determined by “judges” who, once convicts post adequate bail, deem them ready to re-enter civilian life. In previous years, bail payments have resulted in a total donation to the Special Olympics of Connecticut for upwards of $20,000.

Although prisoners may have to post a hefty bail, the event will offer free food, T-shirts and entertainment to arresting officers and prisoners alike.

If you would like to have your friends or professors arrested for a good cause, warrants are available for purchase on Public Safety’s website under the heading “Stag Heroes.”

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