Trying to check out the library stock online? Good luck because the online catalog isn’t accessible.

“We were moving the catalog to another server,” said Joan Overfield, director of library services. “A consultant that was helping us ran into a problem on Wednesday morning and the catalog is now inaccessible.”

The consultant, who would not be identified by the library, made the error on Wednesday, and the library has been working around the clock to correct the problem.

The consultant isn’t involved in the recovery of the catalog.

“We are recovering the data as fast as we can. We use a particular type of software that’s run locally on a server here. It’s distributed by Sirsi, and they are assisting us in recovering the catalog,” said Overfield. “We want the catalog to be up ASAP.”

The cost of the error and the subsequent recovery hasn’t been figured out yet.

“The cost hasn’t been determined yet,” said Overfield. “We’re using multiple avenues to recover the catalog.”

Students have not been happy with having the catalog down.

“I have a huge history and visual performing arts project due where I have to interview three people about events in the ’60s, and I was trying to find books so I can get my project rolling. … I found myself more stressed out from not finding what I needed at all,” said Erin Pascual, ’05.

“I ended up going to Borders yesterday and buying some books,” she said.

“I’d rather spend money on something that is easier to find and more available to me than spending hours getting aggravated, especially when a huge percentage of my grade is on the line with limited amount of time available,” she added.

“How is the library supposed to keep track of their online catalog? They are too busy dressing up that statue in the window in foolish hats,” said Mike Barry, ’05.

The library can still check out and check in books with an offline record.

“We have a software program that can keep record the transfer of materials. When we bring the catalog back online, we can take the record from the offline program and it will attach itself automatically and update the online catalog,” said Overfield. “However, it is only recordable. We can’t search it for material.”

The catalog is still down as of the time of publication. The timeline for it to come back online is undetermined at this time.

“We are in the middle of restoring it and are close to finishing it,” said Overfield. “We appreciate everyone’s patience and we’ll have the catalog back up ASAP.”

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