The ballots have been cast and the votes counted.

The winners of the 2013 Fairfield University Student Association presidential and vice presidential elections are Alex Long ’14 and Alex Cucchi ’15, respectively, defeating opponent Sam Maxfield ‘14 and his running mate Joe McConville ‘14.

“I feel great, I feel relieved,” said Long. “It’s been … a long couple weeks.”

About 65 students were in attendance at the Levee Tuesday night showing their support for the presidential, vice presidential and senatorial candidates. The HAM Channel provided live coverage to students all over campus who could not make it to the Levee for the 9:30 p.m. announcement.

After class senator winners were announced, current FUSA president Robert Vogel revealed that Long had won the presidency. In a landslide win, Long was able to secure the presidency with 621 votes, and Cucchi with 610. Maxfield received 128 votes and McConville received 142.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m disappointed,” said Maxfield in regard to his loss. However, he added, “FUSA is going to be great in the hands of Alex next year.”

Long also expressed his support for his opponent: “If I could have anyone in Senate, it would be him … He’s really turned it around and made it what it is today.”

With two presidential candidates in contrast to last year’s unopposed victory for Vogel, the overall votes cast was more than last year’s turnout of approximately 500. “About 750 people voted,” according to FUSA election commissioner Julianne McGrath ‘13.

Throughout the day, students hit the polls casting their votes for class senators, vice president and president. A large majority of students who voted on Tuesday were underclassmen. However, juniors and seniors came out to vote as well.

Senior Megan McCarthy said she voted “just so there are some good people when I leave, just so Fairfield is still running smoothly when I’m gone.”

As voters occupied the booths from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the BCC Info Desk, Long and Cucchi campaigned outside the Stag Spirit Shop by handing out free pizza and raffle tickets.

“We both thought ‘what do people want?’ and people love free stuff. … We’re not going to go out and interrupt the people and disturb them while they’re eating food or go knocking on doors,” said Long speaking on behalf of himself and his running mate. However, Long did mention that they did go door-to-door in one dorm building earlier in their campaign season.

As students exited the poles, they expressed their support for the newly elected FUSA president for a number of reasons.

“I feel like they can get a lot done and they had a lot of good ideas at the debate,” said Vito Mazzotta ’15.

Mazzotta was just one of many students who expressed that confidence in Long won their vote. Some students believe Long ran a more effective campaign.

Freshman Nick Frega said Long won his vote because he “had never seen a campaign poster for their opponents.”

Junior Alex Booth explained, “I voted for Alex because he campaigned at my door with candy.”

With a campaign that garnered the support of students from all classes, Long has won the presidency and all the responsibilities that come with the position.

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