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It was only a few months ago when Edwin Muniz ‘11 decided to run for FUSA President.

“I came back from Kairos, and realized I could either stay where I was or run for FUSA President,” he said.

Born and raised in Bridgeport, Conn., Muniz will be the first Hispanic FUSA President. Being Puerto Rican helps Muniz see Fairfield from a different perspective, but his race wasn’t a determining factor for his choice to run.

“It wasn’t really relevant to my campaign,” he said. “It’s all about how hard you work.”

But Muniz has worked on the diversity committee in FUSA, and regards the diversity issue as “one of his babies.”  He is happy that many students feel they will have their voices heard during his administration.

“Eddie is a good representative of the student body because of his ability to listen to others, even if they have ideas and opinions different from his own,” said FUSA President Jeff Seiser ‘10.

FUSA members’ support of Muniz no doubt had an effect on his successful campaign, beating Kyle Duggan 586 votes to 289 votes.

As a student at Fairfield Prep, he admits to not being very involved in extra-curricular activities in high school, which was something he knew he wanted to change when he started in college.
Here, Muniz came out of his shell, although he still remains to be very calm and levelheaded in person.

“Eddie is one of the most humble people I have met,” said Senate Chair-Elect Gregory Burke.

Fairfield was not his first choice; actually, it was his fourth or fifth, but he was eventually attracted to the small school atmosphere and a nice financial aid package.

He first was elected to FUSA Senator in spring of his freshman year, and joined the Academics committee because he was passionate about the issues on the table. His main work focused on the living and learning community initiatives that administration was pursuing.

After losing the election for senator his junior year, he was surprised to be appointed to the Executive Cabinet, as the Secretary of Student Life. Seiser and Vice President Lauren Johnson felt the position matched his interests, as seen in his other activities, like peer mentoring and Project Excel.

Similar to Seiser’s goals, Muniz says that FUSA needs to be more accessible, but he is still unsure how to market FUSA’s objectives and achievements to the greater student body. But he doesn’t see engaging the student body as an impossible feat.

“Students get a bad rep for being apathetic, but I want to represent the students who care,” he said.

Muniz hopes that he will be able to improve student life his senior year and graduate with no regrets. He does not see politics in his future; he has plans to take his management degree and work in the hotel business in Miama. “I don’t really consider myself a politician,” he said.

“Eddie should be proud of everything he has done and will do. I couldn’t be more proud of him,” said FUSA Secretary of Academics Alison MacNeill ‘10.

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