After the publication of the last issue of The Mirror during the week of Nov. 16, Mirror staffers received a call from a University staff member only a few hours later inquiring about where all of the newspaper copies were being distributed.

Following the initial call, more calls continued to come in to the Mirror staff from students asking where they could find a copy.

Apparently, all of the issues flew off of the shelves in the few hours following distribution across campus, especially in the Barone Campus Center.

On the front page of the previous issue, The Mirror broke the news of the recent layoffs at the University. This story caught the attention of many readers, causing them to pick up copies of the newspaper more quickly than usual, but whether this could account for thousands of issues being picked up over the course of about three hours remains to be seen.

Mirror staffers were surprised that the issues had disappeared so quickly, as it usually takes a few days until all of the copies have been taken by readers.

Did you get a copy of the last issue of The Mirror? If you were unable to find a copy, you’re not the only one.

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