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Add another problem to the growing list of concerns over the new Stag Buses. Wednesday night, students found themselves stranded and irritated when a Stag Bus broke down while driving the usual route.

James Fitzpatrick, the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, says that he has not yet been informed of the reason for this recent breakdown. Until he is provided with this information, it is not clear when the bus will be back on campus.

Though Fairfield owns two Stag Buses to shuttle students into town, only one was on campus at the time of this incident. According to Fitzpatrick, the reduced number of Stag Buses is not entirely unusual, and only on the weekends are both buses around to drive students to their various destinations.

Freshman Laura Ballanco was one of the students inconvenienced by the unexpected breakdown. Concerning the time when she realized the bus was not coming, she said “I was really aggravated because I had to get back for a meeting on campus and I had two exams the next day. I will definitely consider this before I take the bus next time.” The questionable reliability of the buses frustrates many underclassmen, who depend on the Stag Bus as their lifeline to the world outside of Fairfield.

However, the difficulties many experienced on Wednesday will hopefully be a one-time ordeal, as Fitzpatrick notes this is the first time one of the new electric hybrid buses has broken down en route. The remaining Stag Bus has run on schedule since the incident, but this is just another reason for freshmen and sophomores to look forward to having cars on campus as upperclassmen!

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