Junior Eddie Muniz did not think he had won the election. He saw a tight race and a difficult battle to earn the FUSA presidency. But with constant campaigning and a handshake and a smile for every student he saw, Muniz won over the student body, leading to a resounding victory over opponent Kyle Duggan to become the 64th FUSA President and the first minority president in FUSA history.

After winning the FUSA presidency, Eddie Muniz ‘11 calls his mother to share the good news. (Peter Caty/The Mirror)“Surreal. I am still in shock,” said Muniz after he won. “I didn’t think I had it at all.”


Muniz beat out fellow candidate Duggan, 586 votes to 289 votes, according to the final numbers as given by the FUSA Election Commissioner Geoff Orth ‘10.

“I congratulate Eddie on the win and I think FUSA has a lot of healing to do after a particularly negative campaign and I hope Eddie oversees the healing,” said Duggan.

The announcement was broadcast live on the Ham Channel from the Levee at 10:11 p.m. Tuesday night. Approximately 90 students attended the election party, including the candidates.

Current FUSA President Jeff Seiser ‘10 said, “I am happy for Eddie and it is a great night for the student body. Eddie Muniz is someone who will build on what I have done.”

Upon his victory, Seiser advised Muniz to “be prepared to work harder.”

“One of my responsibilities is grooming and mentoring Eddie and the future leaders,” continued Seiser.

Orth said, “I was thrilled by the turnout and both campaigns raised awareness for FUSA.”

Spencer Thibodeau ‘10 said of the turnout at the Levee, “I think it’s really good, it says a lot about the direction the next FUSA President is going to take FUSA in.”

I think it shows that the graduating class, the class of 2010, has risen to the leadership positions and now it is our chance to step back and watch as people like Eddie, people like Kyle, take FUSA in a new direction,” he continued.

The Vice Presidential Race

Lauren Johnson ‘11 ran for the FUSA Vice President position uncontested and won the spot for her second term.

“Last year I didn’t know what I was getting myself in to and this year I feel more confident,” said Johnson.

“I think the turnout here at the Levee is great,” said FUSA Secretary of Treasury David Axelrod ‘10. He also noted that not only were most of the candidates present, but that “the people who voted also came out to support their candidate.”

Peter Lyons ‘13 voted in his first FUSA presidential election.

“I think there was a lot of advertisement about the election this year, everyone knew it was coming,” he said.

“I think a lot of people voted because they care about what is going on,they care about FUSA, and FUSA runs a lot of things that the school does.”

“In high school, it was much more of a popularity contest but I  think as we get older, we realize it is more about who is going to do better in office,” said Lyons.

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